ThoroughFair Supports the Sustainable Seas Trust.


About SST

Sustainable Seas Trust is a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) that supports and connects communities across Africa through research, education, enterprise development and growing awareness about ocean conservation and plastic pollution. They also build networks for sharing information and support focused on waste management. Through their events and projects, the African Marine Waste Network, Hope Spots and Marine Education, they are bringing like-minded and passionate people together, locally and internationally, to manage the issues of plastic waste in Africa.


Why we must act

HERE’S A SCARY FACT: if all the straws used in a day were lined up it would circle the planet two and a half times. A DAY. And a percentage of those straws are landing up in our ocean. The Washington Post released an article revealing that a recent study shows that if we continue on this current trajectory, the plastic in the ocean will weigh more than the fish come the year 2050. That’s frightening!

That’s why ThoroughFair is driving an awareness campaign while at the same time offering VIVO Paper Straws as an alternative to retailers, encouraging them to join us in the fight against plastic straws and save our environment. Our hope is also that the South African consumer – you and I – will be made aware of the plight of our oceans through our awareness campaigns so that when the decision comes to buy a straw, we’ll buy paper!


ThoroughFair hates cancer.

Standing in unity with cancer sufferers everywhere, Thoroughfair proudly sponsored CANSA surviviors’ gift packs for the 2020 CANSA Relay.

Our popular YUMEEZ were made available at reduced prices to participants throughout the night.

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