Wok Time

Ready to Eat Noodles

Cooked noodles for parents with busy lifestyles or students who need an easy ready to eat meal solution.

Wok Time comes in two variants: the thicker Japanese noodle, Udon, and the traditional Asian noodle, Ramen. Both are perfect for stir-fries, Spanish Delights or even spaghetti bolognaise! So whether you enjoy a vegetarian meal or something meaty, Wok Time Cooked Noodles is the perfect fit for your easy to make, easy to eat supper!

TF Code Product Pack Size Unit Barcode Case barcode
100531 Wok Time Cooked Noodles Udon 15 2 x 200g 6009802437896 N/A
100532 Wok Time Cooked Noodles Ramen 15 2 x 200g 6009802437902 N/A

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