Soothe Hygienic Hand Soap is ThoroughFair’s answer to the Anti-Bacterial demand. The formulation is smooth on the hands, fuelled with the necessary moisturizers and disinfectants that leave your family’s hands both refreshed and clean. The frangrances are incredible! Because the experience matters.

Soothe Hygienic Hand Soap

We’ve seen the need to get low cost Anti-Bacterial hand soap into the hands (excuse the pun!) of all South Africans during this time of Covid-19. The refills are available in all three variants, like the 500ml bottle. We’ve simplified the packaging also, so you pay less and get more.

TF Code Product Pack Size Unit Barcode Case barcode
100314 Soothe Hygienic Zesty Citrus 12 500ml 6009802437964 16009802437961
100315 Soothe Hygienic Wild Berry 12 500ml 6009802437957 16009802437954
100316 Soothe Hygienic Forest Rain 12 500ml 6009802437940 16009802437947

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