Toothbrushes & Floss Harps

ThoroughFair is introducing some much needed innovation into the toothbrush category by launching a state of the art toothbrush technology called Nano.

Smile Nano introduces ultra-fine rubber bristles that not only give your pearly whites a clean and refreshing feel, but they are soft on your gums too.

Dentists caution against hard brushing as this can cause gums to swell, but with Nano, you can rest assured that the soft bristles will protect your gums against swelling and inflammation. Smile Nano comes in both Family and Sport varieties, each with its unique look and feel; yet both look really cool!

Floss Harps

Innovation for people on the move.

The Floss Harp is an all-in-one toothpick and dental floss. Perfect for the pocket or wallet, it’s the convenience of having a tool nearby which you can use to clear that piece of biltong while sitting in your office chair. SMILE Floss Harps are a must for every family!

TF Code Product Pack Size Unit Barcode Case barcode
100321 Smile Nano Family 12 Singles 6009802437797 26009802437791
100322 Smile Nano Sport 12 Singles 6009802437803 26009802437807
100307 Smile Kids Toothbrush 12 Singles 6009802437582 26009802437586
100308 Smile Family Toothbrush 12 Singles 6009802437568 26009802437562
100309 Smile Classic Toothbrush 12 Singles 6009802437667 26009802437661
100310 Smile Ultra Toothbrush 12 Singles 6009802437575 26009802437579
100320 Smile Floss Harps 30 50s 6009802437537 26009802437531

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