Dishwasher Tablets

In keeping with ThoroughFair’s mission of creating value for South Africans, comes our HYGENIE “3 in 1” Dishwasher Tablets.

Make a wish for your dishes to be sparkly clean after every wash! Now you can and expect our HYGENIE “3 in 1” to carry out the job we most love to hate. Each tablet has the right amount of detergent, rinse aid and water softener to give you the peace of mind every time you press “START” on your dishwasher. With dishes this clean, you’d swear there really was a Genie in the  kitchen fulfilling your every wish.

TF Code Product Pack Size Unit Barcode Case barcode
100207 Hygenie Dishwasher Tablets 12 15s 6009881256166 16009881256163
100208 Hygenie Dishwasher Tablets Mega 6 90s 6009881256173 16009881256170

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